5 Level Fence Tester & Pocket Knife Agricultural Tool


You can only give positive feedback. I have already ordered several times. 5/5 stars!

Antonio W

Good quality for price, doesn't look cheap. Smart designs for usage and work.

Ciara R

Acceptable delivery time and good quality

Eric M

I bought this for my husband, this knife is a great multi tool, everyone should have one of these fantastic bit of kit, my husband he never leave home without it, always in his pocket

Pauline M

Well-made satisfying products / designs. Overall, very pleased - a neat and cool product / piece.

Lee M

Great selection of tools. All good, works well is light and compact. All features function as they should

Matthew Q

Great product. Initially dubious when I got the package as it's very light & feels like nothing in your hand but very impressed on putting it to use. Easy to use, no having to bend down & plug in an earth, clear & easy to read. Immediately bought a second one as a gift for a friend! Nice knife

Caroline P